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Desert Shores, Salton Sea California.
Restoring Community and Habitat.

The Desert Shores Restoration Project is a community-initiated restoration that brings water and life back to five dry shoreline channels in a town on the Northwest Shore of California's Salton Sea.

We are working to motivate public agencies to execute the build of the berm and refilling of the Desert Shores Channels.
Project goals include:
*Place a berm at the mouth of the Desert Shores Canals.
​*Pump water in to refill channels and sustain them
*Work toward a higher quality
channel water source for wildlife habitat and recreation.
*Create and maintain high-quality habitat for birds, fish and people.

Though the Federal Government has allocated funding for local agencies to find a brackish water supply, build the berm, and refill the Channels, that money has not made it to the locals or property owners for much-needed property improvements. First, we're raising funds for restoration and public access on our land in Desert Shores.


The first phase of our restoration effort on our Capri Road lots includes:

  • Sustain already thriving native trees and vegetation.

  • Maintain and improve the large Save Our Sea (SOS) sign on the shore.

  • Maintain safe access to the Salton Sea for small boats and beachgoers.

  • Build Community Amenities for shade and enjoying Salton Sea views.

  • Develop ways to restore fish and fish-eating birds to the Salton Sea.

  • Plan for a Salton Sea Restoration Center.

Project History and More Info:
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