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Since our founding in 2011, The EcoMedia Compass has inspired countless people to learn about and support environmental restoration initiatives at the Salton Sea and beyond. Inspiration starts with the hearts and wisdom of our team.

Kerry F. Morrison
Founder, Board Secretary/Treasurer

Kerry F. Morrison.jpg

Kerry F. Morrison grew up in Southern California, with a deep appreciation for the natural environment. He shares a background in non-profit management, community leadership, creative activism, outreach, event planning, marketing, social media & award winning multimedia production, coupled with extensive environmental studies. He became honorary Mayor of 4 towns in the West Shores of the Salton Sea for two consecutive terms. He has a degree in multimedia communications/public relations from California State Universities Fullerton and San Marcos in addition to studies at 5 other colleges in California.

In 2011 Mr. Morrison a group of volunteers and scientists founded The EcoMedia Compass and the Save Our Sea! Campaign at the Salton Sea, to bring awareness and education for environmental solutions through music, art, science and community. He has been a consultant for or partnered with: Greenpeace, Surfrider (Canada), CURE, California Natural Resources Agency, Imperial Irrigation District, Imperial County, West Shores Chamber of Commerce (President), Salton Sea State Recreation Area, West Shores Lion’s Association, West Shores Artists Association, and the San Diego Yacht Club. He has been interviewed or published in The LA Times, Washington Post, Al Jazeera, Vice News, Wired, Desert Sun, Imperial Valley Press, Press Enterprise, Borrego Sun, plus other local news outlets. He has also appeared in environmental documentaries and publications overseas in France, Germany, Luxembourg, Australia and South Korea. Mr. Morrison is passionate about creative science education through the arts and sustainable community development.

Tom Sephton

Board President

Tom Sephton is President of Sephton Water Technology, and Board President of The EcoMedia Compass. He has been active in educational outreach, media, expeditions and events with the SOS! Campaign since 2011.  He is currently conducting the VTE Geothermal Desalination Pilot/Demonstration Project. Tom Sephton assisted his father and company founder, Hugo Sephton, with earlier demonstrations, including the most recent at Modesto Energy. Tom took charge of Sephton Water Technology and the current geothermal VTE initiative in 2002. Tom Sephton received a B.A. degree in Biochemistry from the University of California at Berkeley (1981) and an M.A. degree in Multimedia from California State University, Hayward (1999). Mr. Sephton′s work experience includes two years in biomedical research with HyTech Scientific, four years in biochemical research at U.C. Berkeley, four years as a software engineer for Extempo Systems, and 15 years operating his former business specializing in audio/video/animation production before making a full-time commitment to Sephton Water Technology.

Tom Sephton.jpg

Art Gertz

Boardmember, Community Liason, 

West Shores Vice Mayor

Art Gertz.jpg

Art Gertz is currently the Vice Mayor of the West Shores Salton Sea, having been appointed after extensive community activisim and organizing work. He is an idea man, Salton Sea resident, investor, engineer, machinist, inventor, and activist that focuses on building creative scientific systems to help in restoration projects. Desert Shores Restoration Local Project coordinator and Vice President of the Bahia Del Mar POA.

Jasmyn Phillips

Jasmyn came to the Salton Sea when she was a child and immediately fell in love with its unique beauty. She began actively caring for the Sea when she was ten years old. Jasmyn remembers picking up trash along the shore and receiving a ‘Litter Getter’ badge from the Salton Sea State Rec Park rangers.

Jasmyn is a naturalist at heart and a lifelong environmental advocate.
She devotes significant time and energy to the study of the world around her, with a keen focus on biology, ecology, and biogeochemistry. Jasmyn has a deep appreciation for the earth and believes in preserving places of ecological importance like the Salton Sea.
That sense of stewardship has impelled her to use photography as a way to communicate important issues.

Jasmyn has been active in public and educational outreach programs for many years.
Most recently she became involved in the Save Our Sea! Campaign with The EcoMedia Compass. Wanting to help the local community use their voices, she was inspired to design postcards with a message about Salton Sea restoration, and addressed them to numerous politicians and key celebrities.

Like the birds that need the Sea as a refuge, Jasmyn finds herself continually drawn back to this peaceful sanctuary. It is her goal to keep raising awareness of this very special place that so many call home.

Jasmyn Phillips.jpg

Martin Kocher
Business Relations Coordinator

Martin Photo_edited.jpg

Martin Kocher  has grown up with a deep interest in the relationship between the natural environment and humans relationship with it. He is currently a junior at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire pursuing a bachelor's degree in International Business. 


Martin's main focus of his studies is in stakeholder engagement and sustainable development, which has compelled him to get involved with the Salton Sea restoration. He has presented his case study of the stakeholder engagement of the Salton Sea restoration plans and how it is a role model for sustainable development globally. As a land owner in Imperial County, Martin and his family are committed to the Salton Sea restoration and stay involved with regional activism.


Martin focuses on having a "global perspective" with intercultural knowledge and enjoys traveling with a purpose. He attended a global conference sponsored by the United Nations in Dubai, United Arab Emirates  to learn about management practices that focus on sustainable development. Upon graduation, he plans on working in international sustainable development consulting with the objective of using the private sector as a catalyst for environmental restoration and social activism. He plans on using this future career experience to advocate for the Salton Sea. To learn more about Martin, please visit:


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