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Salton Sea:

Adopt a Tree!

Part of the Desert Shores Channels Restoration Project - Greening the Community.

Why Plant Trees Here?

  • Desert Shores is a symbol of hope and progress for the residents of the Salton Sea. We envision this site to be a hub of environmental collaboration and restoration. Planting trees here will help break up the wind, keep dust down and create beautiful habitat and shade for visitors and volunteers.

What do these trees need?

  • CVWD city water hookup

  • Regular watering

  • Irrigation system upkeep

  • Fertilizer, Soil & Mulch

  • (Love and Money)

Sponsor a Tree!

  • Individuals or businesses have the opportunity to help us green this community space by donating $120 (the price for a year of water and upkeep).

  • People who sponsor a tree will be honored by a plaque with their (or a loved one's) name and optional website on it.

EARTH DAY 2021. -  We had a great community turnout for our annual Earth Day Salton Sea event. We planted 16 trees including some native mesquite. These trees will provide windbreak, habitat, shade and green the site of the Desert Shores Channels Restoration Project and the future site of the Salton Sea Restoration Center. We installed a temporary irrigation system to take care of the trees, volunteers are watering.We are grateful that IID donated the land to us a few years back. We are hopeful that CVWD will donate a water meter/hookup to the site. We also partnered with volunteers from the Air Pollution Control District and IID to give away indoor air filters to community members vulnerable to air quality concerns. Restoration happens when we work together.


Want to help support the Desert Shores Restoration Project?

Reach out to sponsor a tree or donate towards the project!

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