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Environmental education, solutions and awareness through science, the arts and community.

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A Water Source for the Southwest..

For humans and habitat.


There are no passengers on spaceship Earth, we are all crew.

Salton Sea Media To Share:
(Some films on our work or we've helped produce)

Salton Sea Water Import Forum 2022

Salton Sea Water Import Forum 2022

Presentations from the teams working on importing water to the Southwestern United States. Hosted by Kerry and Jasmyn of The EcoMedia Compass. Filmed on Zoom 01/16/22 Alphabetical Order All Water Import Teams Invited 10 Minute Presentations 5 Minute Audience Q&A Agency Update - 7:45 Salton Sea Coalition - 13:32 Agess Inc. - 19:23 Cordoba Corporation Inc - 37:40 E2Eden LLC. - 54:08 Our Floating Correspondent - 1:10:28 New Water Group LLC. - 1:13:04 Sea to Sea Development Team - 1:27:51 Sephton Water Technology Inc. - 1:44:27 Transoceanic LLC. - 2:02:54 Water Train Inc. - 2:18:46 Credits and Soundtrack - 2:32:06 In Memory of Bruce Wilcox, fmr. Asst. Secretary of Salton Sea Policy, California Natural Resources Agency. This event is about adding water to a really dry region. It’s quite unfortunate that we’re quickly draining our freshwater supplies all over the Southwest and that they don’t automatically renew at the levels we need as a species. We drained those other lakes and rivers. Our salty wells are getting deeper.. At this point, I don’t really care where it comes from, as long as it comes. This is not only about the Salton Sea- this is ensuring water sustainability for future generations. The CNRA may not have tasked UC Santa Cruz’ Independent Review Panel to look at it from that perspective- but I challenge and encourage you to. We’re getting so thirsty, and they hold the tap. We the people, have held the tap. We can solve our water crisis with this project- AND heal and revitalize the Salton Sea region. Every. Single. Fantastic. Project. Proposed for the Sea will do better with a sustainable and clean water source. Just think how darn beautiful it will be. Let’s know how proud of ourselves we will be, that WE chose to act. Native peoples would plan for seven generations out! We’re just learning to plan for more than ours. The conversation for doing this is finally on the table; and it’s a big table- though for some reason we still speak in whispers? The city governments in the Coachella valley have all officially resolved to support this concept. So has Imperial County. To date, no project before has been big enough to truly meet the need. And this has been not an issue of money- this is an issue of finally, understood need. When we act now- we still can have water for our kids, grandkids, and great, great -pelicans. Let’s simplify our goal here to: KEEP THE MOST THINGS ALIVE. I humbly invite you to listen, to contribute, and to support the excessive and inspired collaboration needed to get us there. Hats off and blessings to the incredible and tireless work of the water import teams. Together, let’s turn the tap back on! Kerry F. Morrison Executive Director The EcoMedia Compass Video & Piano
2021 Award Winning Documentary The Jewels of the Salton Sea - Michael Madsen/Grace & Steven Vitali

2021 Award Winning Documentary The Jewels of the Salton Sea - Michael Madsen/Grace & Steven Vitali

#movieclips #documentary #california (This film is not to be downloaded, rented or sold or played publicly, or publicly for free, in theaters, on TV, on all platforms, YouTube and all other social sites and websites, ETC. It is only made available in part as shown here on YouTube for preview only.) The companies logo and the films name is also not to be used. © Hollywood Dark Castle Film Production. Any unauthorized duplication, distribution or exhibition of this film, including the musical soundtrack is prohibited and could result in criminal prosecution and civil liability. 2021 Award Winning Documentary The Jewels of the Salton Sea - Michael Madsen/Grace & Steven Vitali STEVEN VITALI The Full Length feature is approximately 1 Hour and 36 minutes. This is a small sample. The film covers a great deal more. Other Links Associated with this Film. Award Winning Official Trailer Extended Trailer First Trailer while in Production - Received a Hollywood HMMA Nomination THE AWARD WINNING - THE JEWELS OF THE SALTON SEA…Feature Length Documentary 2021 WINNER - Cannes World Film Festival 2021 WINNER - Vegas Movie Awards 2021 OFFICIAL SELECTION - Chicago Indie Film Awards 2021 WINNER - San Diego Movie Awards 2021 WINNER - Best Istanbul Film Festival 2021 WINNER - Prague International Film Awards 2021 WINNER - LIFF-SWEDEN JUNE 2021 WINNER - WORLD FILM CARNIVAL - SINGAPORE WINNER - EASTERN EUROPE INTERNATIONAL MOVIE AWARDS 2021 And more… “An incredible documentary put together by a man who is more than just a Writer, Director, Score Composer, but he is a visionary.” ~ Jay LaMorre Media Specialist - Choreographer - Editor Tokyo, Japan "Experience a captivating film that brings awareness to an area that needs a champion.” ~ Joel John 1988/89 Canadian Heavyweight Karate Champion/European Karate Champion “If ever there was a time for a serious intervention of saving our planet, it’s now.” ~ Rendi Cloe Johnson Published Author This film must be seen by children as well as adults as the children will inherit this natural wonder, and they will demand action. This is a MUST SEE. I am overwhelmed by the love, dialogue and beauty of this documentary. Rebecca Topping Janelli ~ Writer NARRATED BY MICHAEL MADSEN SPECIAL STAR APPEARANCE BY MICHAEL MADSEN SPECIAL STAR APPEARANCE BY STEVEN VITALI  WRITTEN AND DIRECTED BY STEVEN VITALI EXECUTIVE PRODUCER - GRACE YANG VITALI CO-EXECUTIVE PRODUCER - LINDA KONG - YVONNE LU - BENJAMIN YANG  MAKEUP ARTIST - HEIDI SOLORIO ASSOCIATE PRODUCER - MICHAEL MADSEN, BRUNO ROSATO TRAVELER/RESEARCHER - GRACE YANG VITALI EDITING AND CAMERA PROVIDED BY HDCFP SOUNDTRACK BY STEVEN VITALI VOCAL - IN CALIFORNIA PERFORMED BY STEVEN VITALI MUSIC AND LYRICS BY STEVEN VITALI MUSIC PRODUCED AND ARRANGED BY STEVEN VITALI CO-PRODUCED BY GRACE YANG VITALI PRODUCTION ASSISTANTS TOM SEPHTON JASMYN PHILLIPS JORGE RODRIQUEZ HEIDI SOLORIO SECURITY - DAVID PATINO PRODUCTION DRIVER - PETRINA FRICKE CHIEF HELICOPTER PILOT - CHRISTOPHER CHEEK  SOUND DEPARTMENT / MUSIC DEPARTMENT - JOHN CHOMINSKY SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA NARRATION ENGINEERED BY JOHN CHOMINSKY  SPECIAL THANKS TO WARNER BROS. POST PRODUCTION CREATIVE SERVICES / BURBANK, CALIFORNIA  VISUAL DATA MEDIA SERVICES BURBANK, CALIFORNIA  PHOTOS COURTESY OF ALAMY FULL CREDITS ON THE FULL LENGTH FEATURE DOCUMENTARY FILM IMDB MICHAEL MADSEN IMDB GRACE YANG VITALI STEVEN VITALI FACEBOOK FAN PAGE THE PRODUCERS WISH TO THANK HOLLYWOOD FILM COMMISSION, IMPERIAL COUNTY FILM COMMISSION, IMPERIAL AND RIVERSIDE COUNTY, CALIFORNIA, THE CITY OF PALM SPRINGS, EL CENTRO, LA QUINTA, PALM DESERT,SALTON CITY, MECCA, THE SALTON SEA STATE PARK.THE SONNY BONO SALTON SEA NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE.TOM ANDERSON, LINDA EVANS, ALEX CARDENAS, MARION CHAMPION,ROD COLWELL, JACK CRAYON, VICTORIA HERNANDEZ, JOEL MINER,ROBERT MOON, BRUCE WILCOX, DONNA AND JOHN WINTERS, PETRINA FRICKE, DARRELL CORNETT, CATHERINE ADAMIC, CHRIS SCHONEMAN, CHARLA TEETERS, JASMYN PHILLIPS, KERRY MORRISON, ALAMO RESTAURANT, MEXICAN RESTAURANT, JOEL JOHN, RENDI CLOE JOHNSON, BARACK OBAMA, AL MARSHALL, TOM SEPHTON.  BOMBAY BEACH, CALIFORNIA, BRUNO ROSATO, JAY LAMORRE Michael Madsen, please accept my heartfelt gratitude.Thank you for supporting our film and contributing to the fight to save the Salton Sea, California, and our world.I respect and admire you as an actor and narrator.You always knew just what chord to play at the perfect time, allowing me to give my all while working with you. It has been a huge honor for me. Thank you very much. Steven Vitali
Salton Sea Film Festival 2021

Salton Sea Film Festival 2021

RED CARPET AT SALTON SEA. Roy Dorantes presents, the 1st Annual Salton Sea Film Festival! We're proud to share this awesome event which gives a voice to our Imperial County community in matters regarding Salton Sea. The event launches our film festival which starts Saturday, Oct. 23 and goes through Nov. 14, 2021. The festival was launched in person in Salton City at Sea View Estates Spa & RV Park . It was an exciting night of film screening and presentation of awards, trophies and cash prizes. Now the festival moves online through which the general public can vote on their favorite till Nov. 14, 2021, midnight. The winner of the BEST FILM POPULAR VOTE will receive a beautiful trophy and $500.00 (five hundred dollars) cash prize. For more information, please email us at We want to thank our partners and Trophy Sponsors on this project. Thank you The Ecomedia Compass, Casa IC CASA of Imperial County,Dr. Tien Tan Vo, Fred Miramontes for Imperial County Sheriff, RD MEDIA, County of Imperial,and Calexico Rotary Club. We also want to thank our Cash Prize Award Sponsors: JR. HIGH SCHOOL SPONSORS 1st Place- Norma Galindo, IID Director Div. 5 2nd Place - TED SHIGEMATSU 3rd Place - CAROL HANN HIGH SCHOOL SPONSORS 1st Place - Gil A. Perez Claire Perez Machado 2nd Place - Richard Hann ADULT 1st Place - Calexico Rotary Club International 2nd Place - LGBT Resource Center of Imperial County Rosa Diaz 3rd Place - Joe Frink Joe Frink MUSIC VIDEO 1st Place - Robert Garcia/Louie Wong Robert Garcia 2nd Place - Johnny Cabrera Johnny Cabrera BEST FESTIVAL FILM Sponsored by Event Trophy Partners - CASA/Alex Cardenas-Martha Singh; County of Imperial; Dr. Tien Tan Vo; Undersheriff Fred Miramontes. We also want to thank those people who graciously contributed other sponsorships or collaborations: Sea View Estates & RV Resort & Spa Anuj Shukla Anuj Shukla Tom Sephton Tom Sephton Sea to Sea, Nathan White Peter Suczek Anonymous Educational Leaders KYMA-11/CBS-13 TV Ernesto Romero Kyma The Calexico Chronicle Calexico Chronicle / Imperial Valley Weekly Please SELECT ONE film from all the categories at each of the FB/YT pages as your favorite for the BEST FILM POPULAR VOTE from Oct. 24 – Nov. 14, 2021. You can vote by putting a "LIKE" or "THUMBS UP" on your favorite one. We will count all LIKES and THUMBS UP as votes from each page and will add them up for the film selection. Winner of the BFPV will receive SSFF Trophy and $500 (five hundred dollars) cash prize at a special ceremony. Please follow us at FB/Salton Sea Film Festival and YouTube/Salton Sea Film Festival and and For more information, please contact us
SOS: The Salton Sea Walk | Trailer

SOS: The Salton Sea Walk | Trailer

NOW STREAMING on Prime Video! The Salton Sea, California's largest lake, is rapidly drying up. After 2017, the largest rural to urban water transfer will exponentially accelerate the rate at which the sea shrinks, exposing acres of dried lakebed. The exposed playa, containing 100 years worth of farm chemicals, could become airborne, sending billowing clouds of toxic dust towards major population centers in the Southwest. Located 230 feet below sea-level, in a desolate pocket of Southern California's Colorado Desert, the plight of the sea is largely ignored. There are a few outspoken people who claim to know how to save it. Randy Brown, community activist, set out to do something no one had ever attempted — to walk the entire shoreline of the sea. In June of 2015, with temperatures reaching 120 degrees, he set out on his 6 day, 115 mile journey. His mission — to raise awareness for the sea, a forgotten place of extraordinary beauty, silently threatening to make itself known once again. Will the people be inspired to save it before it's too late? -------------- -------------- “A very powerful documentary. Your film brought tears to my eyes—for the revealing of the absolute necessity to save the Salton Sea on a number of levels, and showing to the film viewers how the benefits can be so enormous for the future — to Save Our Sea.” -------------- -------------- #sosthesaltonseawalk #saltonsea #blackmoonproductions
4x4 SOS for Salton Sea

4x4 SOS for Salton Sea

On April 23, 2016 over seventy off-road vehicles adventured across sand dunes and desert shorelines to send out the largest “SOS” for California’s drying Salton Sea. People came from out of state to explore interesting sites around the Sea and be part of an epic opportunity to help “Save Our Sea!” The EcoMedia Compass Crew and Randy Brown, from Salton Sea Walk and Notarubicon, enthusiastically led a caravan of Jeeps, trucks and adventure-mobiles through sand, mud and dirt in support of Salton Sea awareness and education. Several people along for the ride didn’t know about the problems facing the Sea and the serious impacts of the Quantification Settlement Agreement scheduled for completion at the end of 2017. “This is a perfect opportunity to share the impacts of a shrinking Sea and for people to get involved in a fun and creative way.” stated Giovanni Arechavaleta, Campaign Director of The EcoMedia Compass. “People need to know what’s at risk, how it will impact them and what they can do to help.” The crew went on to explain how anyone can make a difference by just sharing their experience and connection to the Sea. That in order for it to be saved, the Salton Sea needs significant support and involvement from the communities around it. 4x4 SOS JeepsKerry Morrison, Executive Director of The EcoMedia Compass, and his crew quickly guided groups of vehicles to form the giant letters on a section of exposed shoreline as Randy and Eric Hanscom, Board Member of The EcoMedia Compass and professional drone pilot, carefully flew drones overhead to capture the action (full video below). Everyone was in place as the striking image appeared on screens communicating with the drone aerial cameras. “It’s perfect!” Morrison shouted to the rest of the crew. Smiles, waves and cheers greeted the glimmering Sea on that day along with a message… a message to anyone who’s watching to help the Salton Sea. Not only for the birds, for our health, for our communities but for the possibility of what can be if we just work together and try. Please help us do this together!


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