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The EcoMedia Compass is active in sharing solutions and innovations.

We are project leaders in the Salton Sea's:

*West Shores Restoration Project at Desert Shores

*Long-term environmental and community restoration solutions

*Educational events and media publishing

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Upcoming Events
Salton SeaWater Import Solutions
Sun, Sep 13
Zoom Webinar Event
Sep 13, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Zoom Webinar Event
We will evaluate long-term restoration options, and meet with influential leaders around Ocean Water Import.


Sept. 13th  6pm, 2 hours

Seawater Import Solutions.

Oct. 4th  6pm, 1.5 hours

What's Going On A Red Hill Bay?


Nov. 8th  6pm, 2 hours

Salton Seascape

Photo Tour & Art Show

Dec. 13th  6pm, 2 hours

What's Going On In Desert Shores?


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